Dr. Péter Mihalik opened his private law firm on September 1, 1992. The law firm currently has a staff of two: dr. Péter Mihalik lawyer, dr. Ágnes Simon.
The law firm in specialised in the representation of business entities, company law cases, bankruptcy, liquidation and winding-up proceedings, real estate issues, advocacy in business, civil and administrative suits, as well as cases of labour law.

Cv of dr. Péter Mihalik, lawyer:

He was born in 1958. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences in 1985, earning a summa cum laude degree. He has worked as a lawyer since 1989 and as a private lawyer since 1992. His professional experience is focused on company law, disputed between business entities, bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings, as well as litigation in economic, administrative and labour cases.

His expertise covers the practical application of laws applicable to public traded companies, credit institutions, insurance companies, travel agents and privatisation advisors.


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